Are Eye Bags Permanent?

are-eye-bags-permanentQ: Are Eye Bags Permanent?

A: Lets face it, when there are problems in life… we never want them to be permanent. This is especially true when it comes to aesthetical issues which we do no desire. We want to hear good news… that the problem can be fixed. Will you be living with eye bags permanently or are they a problem that will go away?

The truth is they can be permanent or temporary, here’s why…

Temporary Eye Bags
Sometimes, eye bags may creep up suddenly due to temporary causes. For example, if you had some unforeseen stressful circumstances in your life that caused you to be sleep deprived for an extended period of time, this will definitely trigger the formation of eye bags. Fortunately, if those circumstances are only very short term, then the accompanying physical attributes should reverse on their own once you return to a healthy lifestyle.

Permanent Eye Bags
Are eye bags permanent for some people? Absolutely. In fact, most of the time this is the case. This is because heredity has a big part in whether or not they form in the first place (something you can’t control). In addition, if you constantly are not getting enough sleep and living a stressful lifestyle, it’s going to contribute to the formation of eye bags without a doubt over time. When this happens, they probably won’t go away on their own. That’s because the actual tissue in the area changes and alters (think Bill Clinton before and after his presidency!) Once this occurs, the only solution is eye bag surgery.

What Your Options Are For Both Cases?
If you have temporary eye bags due to your recently stressful lifestyle, changing those circumstances are your best bet to reverse the eye bags. If you would like something help, you may want to consider using an eye bag cream. If you have permanent eye bags which have developed over the years, then they will almost certainly be permanent unless you get eye bag removal surgery. So whether you have temporary or permanent ones, there are things you can do to get rid of each of them.