Eye Bag Concealer

eye-bag-concealerIf you have under eye bags, ideally it would be best to treat them so they’re gone forever. But sometimes, treatment isn’t an option… does that mean you should use an eye bag concealer? Let’s take a closer look to see whether or not this makes sense.

Concealer vs. Treatment
As I’ve discussed numerous times on this blog, usually the only truly effective way to treat eye bags is through surgery. This is because eye bags form as a result of sagging soft tissue – such as muscle and skin – and if they’re bad, it’s unlikely any cream will do the job. Even though eye bag removal surgery is highly effective, it can also be expensive in some parts of the country. Since it’s cosmetic, you will also have to pay for it completely out of pocket.

Meanwhile, eye bag concealer is a very inexpensive solution. The drawback is that it’s temporary and will only improve the appearance to a certain extent. If the eye bags are really bad, all the smoke ‘n mirrors in the world won’t make them totally disappear. But if you can’t afford surgery (and in times like these, who can?) then I would have to agree that a good eye concealer is better than doing nothing at all.

How To Choose an Eye Bag Concealer
There are countless under eye concealers made today. Why? Because there are plenty of people suffering from the same problem you are! The best eye concealer for eye bags will incorporate these three qualities:

Long Lasting: This is especially important for a couple reasons. First of all, your eyes and face moves when expressions are made, so you need something that can withstand that all day long. Secondly, you want it looking good from the time you get to work until the time you leave.

Smooth Texture: The last thing you want is to look like you have makeup caked on under your eyes. Not only does this look bad, common sense says it also can’t be that good for your skin. This is why you will want an eye bag concealer that goes on smooth, not one that is clumpy and thick.

Light Color: Because the eye bags cast a shadow under them, it’s important to have a color that will drastically lighten the area. Although it may seem like an unnatural color choice, often times eye concealers with a light pink color are the best.