What Causes Bags Under Eyes?

what-causes-bags-under-eyesAlthough it’s more common to develop bags under eyes as you get older, people as young as their twenties can suffer from this problem. So what causes it?

Well for starters, it’s important to make note of two very important points. The first is that this is an extremely common condition, so please don’t feel like you are the only one suffering from it. The other thing you should know the genetics plays a big part in whether or not you develop bags under you eyes. With that said, let’s take a closer look at the various causes and what you can do to treat them.

Heredity – If this is not 100% responsible for your eye bags, it probably is the biggest factor contributing to them. Yes, it can be disappointing to learn that what’s causing these is something you cannot control. When we get a flabby stomach we know we have to work out to change it. But with these, unfortunately there is no exercise you can do to miraculously change it. Luckily there are effective options out there for treating them.



Habits & Behavior – This is most likely the second biggest cause of bags under eyes. How we live our daily lives truly does affect our aesthetics. There are several had habits you should try to break. Some of these include: Excessive Drinking: As you already know, alcohol is horrible for your body. It flushes out important nutrients. It also dehydrates you, and water is a very important element your skin needs to look and function at its best. Because you are dehydrated, your skin nerves dilate to get water that’s needed for your vital organs to function. The result is often a puffy, drawn out appearance.

Sleeping Too Little: It may be cliché to say, but we’re not joking when we say sleep is important. The reason for this is because certain biological processes occur only when you are sleeping. These include various functions that help repair and rebuild your body’s cells. Too little sleep means your body isn’t able to do it’s nightly “construction work.” This can result in accelerated signs of aging, which includes under eye bags.

Healthy Diet: Again this is another cliché, but your skin cells and its support structures need certain nutrients for optimal performance. That means eating a healthy and balance diet daily.

How To Get Rid of Under Eye Bags
Lucky for you, there are various methods of treating this annoying condition. Of course it’s recommend you follow an optimal lifestyle. But even if you are already doing that, they still may be a big problem since genetics plays a big part. So what else can you do?

Using an Eye Bags Cream
There are many products that have been created specifically to fight eye bags. Unfortunately you probably can’t buy the best creams at your local stores. This is because the ingredients which are most expensive are usually costly to produce, so you won’t find them in great quantity in products you can pick up at the store. However there are specialty skin care manufacturers which produce products that don’t cut corners and contain the necessary ingredients needed. They are typically found at specialty online beauty retailers and cosmetic physician offices.